• In 2016
    Nantong Hangzhi Equipment Technology Co., Ltd was established.
  • In 2016
    Formal reorganization of assets (The company changed its name to AVIC Aviation High-technology Co., Ltd.)
  • In 2013
    SGM project(Cylinder block cylinder head flexible manufacturing unit)won the national major projects.
  • In 2012
    5DGBC50 five-axis vertical machining center won the CCMT2012 "Chunyan Award"
  • In 2011
    VCL1100 Vertical machining center selected national key new product plan.
  • In 2010
    MCH63 precision horizontal machining center selected national key new product plan.
  • In 2008
    VGC1500 Gantry type vertical machining center was listed as National Torch Plan.
  • In 2007
    The company changed its name to TONTEC Technology Investment group Co., Ltd.
  • In 2007
    MCH63 Precision Horizontal Machining Center won the third prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology.
  • Dec.2004
    The company passed ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification.
  • Aug.2001
    The company changed its name to TONMAC international Co.,Ltd.
  • Dec.1995
    The company passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification.
  • May.1995
    The company won the 23rd International Quality Cup Award.
  • May.1994
    Listed as stock company with name of Nantong Machine Tool in Shanghai Stock Exchange Market.
  • Oct.1991
    XK5032 CNC milling machine won the National Silver Prize.
  • Dec. 1990
    Won Quality Management Award of the Ministry of Machinery Industry.
  • Aug.1986
    By the State Council Electromechanical Office as the first batch of three major machine tool export base enterprises.
  • 1985
    X6325 series universal milling machine was awarded by the province and ministry department, also won the name brand in Jiangsu province.
  • June. 1984
    With the United States TREE joint design and manufacture of China's XH5025 small vertical machining center.
  • Aug. 1981
    With the United States TREE company began to cooperate in the production of CNC milling machine.
  • Jul.1981
    Trial successful trial of the first CNC milling machine XK6325.
  • Sep.1974
    Trial successful X6325 universal milling machine, and began to export.
  • Feb.1956
    Found in Nantong machine tool works.
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